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Round the Bend of a Palm Tree…

Soooo, today, I have officially become That Person in a store. Yes, I waited too long to be served, yes, I sat in line, being a loud crotch-mouth, talking poorly about the PetCo PALS card and yes, I am a bit overwrought. If you were in line at the Peabody PetCo and you saw some woman with glasses and a grey zip-up hoodie, I’m sorry.

We decided to move today. Out of state. Pretty far away. We read an article today that sent us over the edge, and convinced us to finally get the heck out of dodge. I’d thought I was excited, until waiting in line for my Nutro Max Cat Lite sent me into such a frenzy that I couldn’t keep my mouth shut, and I unleashed a string of sarcasm on the clerk that would make Cruella DeVille seem like…a pussycat, no pun intended.

“You have a GREAT day and don’t forget to come back to PetCo!”

“Oh, you can COUNT on it!”

Not my most shining hour.

I can’t believe I’ve got to tell my family. I can’t believe I have to tell my sister, who will absolutely make it all about her, (“You will NOT want to live away from family – you just won’t. YOU WON’T. Come oh, Jonna, it’s not that bad here – you can do it!”)

Well, the Boston Globe validates that I can’t, dear sister. And I don’t have a husband that pulls down half a mil per year. Thanks for playing, though.

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The Great HTPC Disaster

The Husband has spent more than $900 and 200 man-hours building an HTPC that doesn’t work. That’s right. It doesn’t work. He promises that it will, and I sort of believe him, but good gravy, man. $900, and he spent nearly every evening and weekend building a Home Theater PC for the last three months.

We just left Radio Shack, where he picked up an SR Converter shmurter thingamabob, which was supposed to be our salvation. It wasn’t. In fact, it made the whole thing worse.

Someday, I’ll get my living room back. Our $900? Lost and gone forever.

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