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An Olive Grove Facing the Sea

I haven’t showered once this weekend, and hoo boy, I should have, but at this point, laziness prevails and I’d be shocked if I get under the spray before tomorrow morning. There was essentially no point, since I spent the weekend knee-deep in such glorious elixirs as Comet, Fantastik and those friendly little scrubbing bubbles, so I could, in theory, be clean by association. Also, it’s worth noting that if you have any sort of flooring that benefits from hands & knees cleaning, as we do (cream ceramic tile all OVER the damn place), get thee some knee pads.

I think it speaks volumes about the quality of one’s weekend, when the best you can come up with is a bleak suggestion about picking up a pair of cheap knee pads at Lowe’s and going to town on a ceramic floor. Sad.

I felt a strange mixture of relief and disappointment when my 7 a.m. haircut appointment with the Squiggmeister was horribly uneventful, except for his repeated habit of smoking a cigarette while leaving my hair to sizzle under the dryer, which always leaves me panicked that my hair is actually burning off, because I can smell it! I can smell the burn! Perhaps what bothers me most about this is that each and every time, he fails to wash his hands before resuming the hair action. I find this absolutely foul – is it just me? I mean, after I have the occasional cigarette these days, I’m at the sink in four seconds, and even when I was a full-time smoker, I washed my damn hands, because really, smoker’s fingers are foul! FOUL!

Painfully boring, if clean, weekend aside, I spent the better part of my free time this weekend perusing new music and the best I could come up with was a late-night download of the entire Snow Patrol/Reindeer Section discography, of which I already owned about half, and while I’m aware that I’m not breaking any early adopter records, I have actually come to the conclusion that while I really, really want Gary Lightbody to be hot, he’s not hot, but he is a cheating bastard. Ditto to The Fray guy. Not hot, though maybe he’s not the cheaty type. I’ll never know. But neither one of them! They’re not hot!

That being said, the whole point of this is to beg for new music recommendations, because if the best I can do is rounding out my sad little Snow Patrol collection, clearly I need help. Before I’m pummeled with recommendations for Regina Spektor and Amy Winehouse, I will quickly add that I have and yes, indeedy, love both. They tried to make her go to rehab and she said no! no! NO!

Also, my favorite music in the world centers typically around something that Peter Gabriel or Bernard Sumner did, along with our friends Morrissey and Johnny Marr. Because I haven’t moved on from the things I loved when I was 21. no! No! NO!

Other than that, lay it on me. I’m open to anything – new, old, whatever, any genre, any decade – and if you think I’ve heard it before, it’s highly likely that I haven’t, because I’m just getting around to Snow Patrol, for crying out loud. Or even just a song! I’ll take a song! Your favorite song. Or band. Or whatever. So, ah, heard any good music lately?

*Snow Patrol. Thanks to my friend TwoBusy (always a source for good things like this, really. And before asking all of you, I thought about just asking him, because he’s that good, or at least he sure hit the jackpot with that one song a few months ago).

Also, with this song, you have one of my very favorite songs ever. It’s so pretty. And heavy and all twisty and weepy and stuff. So now you *have* to tell me yours, or at least something. And also, maybe run out and download that song if you don’t have it already, because you won’t be sorry! You won’t! I promise.

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