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Princes of the Universe

Of all the things I’ve learned this weekend, not the least of which is the all-important skill of remembering to charge the camera battery before going anywhere where you actually want to use the camera, the strangest may be that Dennis Quaid has a bit of an age-induced turkey wattle, and that I don’t really care about celebrities in person like, at all. I’m guessing that it’s even harder to get excited about B-list ones (sorry Dennis! You were once very cool, but no more! Maybe Innerspace 2?), although I’ll tell you, Adam and I discussed our lack of excitement over celebrities on the way home, and I realized that there are very few I would care enough to approach, and I’m including Brad Pitt in that category, although there is a SLIGHT chance I might see if Angelina Jolie would go in for a kiss. On me, that is. Screw Brad.

I think my celebrity excitement can be fairly limited to Vince Clarke, Peter Gabriel and Bernard Sumner, and hey, chances are I’d be the only person in the room who would even recognize them, so I could have them all to myself, should I be so lucky.

Well, and I would have been excited if Clancy Brown had been there, but only because he played The Kurgan in the first Highlander film, and had I seen him, I’m not sure I could have stopped myself from crying out “THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE” and raising my fist in solidarity. I said as much to my gala-attending comrades, who stared at me blankly. I … I guess they weren’t as big of a dork as I was, and don’t even know about Planet Zeist and whatever, cool kids! Whatever!

(Uh, hello? Anyone out there? Have I out dorked you once and for all? Connor MacLeod? Anyone?)

Anyway! I also learned — confirmed, I should say — that Bob Costas is an actual, real-live douche, and I witnessed him being a douche at least six times over the course of the weekend. He also has very bad skin in person, and I feel okay saying that because I saw him being MEAN to actual, real-life NICE PEOPLE, and I don’t care if he reads this! He was MEAN.

Perhaps the best and worst news of the weekend, beyond the fact that I stayed out (as in, OUT OF THE HOUSE) until 2 a.m. which is something I will never, ever do again, was that I met my pregnancy equal. A friend of ours from college is expecting a baby three days after us, and his wife is in rough shape. Ah, validation in the form of someone else’s suffering. We clung to each other, white as sheets, blanching as tray after tray of high-end hors d’oeuvres were passed in front of our too-sensitive noses.

I’m nauseated at the moment, so that’s really all I can say, except that there was a moment when she looked at me after I came out of the bathroom and said, “Oh my God, are you okay? You look pale!” And really, all I could do was laugh, for if there was a whiter, more sickly looking person in the world, it was her, and I’m not sure a sadder pair has ever been spotted outside of a hospital ward.

And finally, two beauty-related bits of information I feel compelled to share, because they are THAT GOOD. First, Slynnro recommended a bunch of foundations to me, as my usual mineral routine is sucking eggs on my weirdo pregnant skin, and I picked up Maybelline’s Dream Matte Mousse as a starting point before moving on to Lancome to see if I liked the mousse-y texture. And OH MY GOD, YES I DO. Further, I have surprisingly dark skin for a white girl, and finding a foundation shade that matches my skin without being too orange is very hard, and yet their medium range has a few that come close. I’m not declaring it my holy grail of foundations, but I have some kind of hope for the future. And from MAYBELLINE, of all people. Who knew?

Secondly, in addition to dark skin, I have highly pigmented lips. This makes finding a nude lip shade nearly impossible. Nars laughed at me. Laura Mercier mocked me. And yet! I have found the greatest nude gloss of all time: MAC Viva Glam V, paired with Whirl liner. Apparently this is a secret that insiders have known for years, but I am just coming around to it. Blessed be.

I hope y’all have a great Tuesday.

*Queen. Um, from The Highlander soundtrack. Ha ha?

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